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Focus Adjustable Industrial Videoscopes

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Focus Adjustable Industrial Videoscopes

Focus adjustable industrial videoscope integrates the fine tuning mechanism of lens into functions, and user can adjust focal length just by turning the knob slightly, which means that replacing camera lens is unnecessary. This product brings revolutionary change for the optical system of similar products.

Our product is applicable in various fields. For railway and ships, it can detect pipe, boiler, turbine, heater, diesel engine, electric locomotive and air conditioning system. For constructions, it can inspect interior of wall, rusting level of steel bar, flaws in the support shaft and bridge joint, dirt and corrosion condition of steel pipe. Meanwhile, it can also be used to observe the building model and cavity inside the tunnel, check the corrosion and blocking conditions of tap water drain pipe, carry out observation and research in lab, etc. This industrial videoscopes can be used in the above fields, but not limited to these. Other applicable fields include archaeology, customs, public security, coal gas boiler, electronic product, electrical industry, aviation and aerospace, steel processing, petrochemical engineering and industrial machinery.

As a China-based focus adjustable industrial videoscopes manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers industry video borescopes, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, gun barrel borescope, endoscopic coil pipe, and much more.

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