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HV Series Industrial Videoscopes

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HV Series Industrial Videoscopes

HV series industrial videoscope is widely seen in the automobile manufacturing and repairing industries, and it can improve working efficiency. It is mainly used to detect the abrasion, blocking and carbon depositing conditions in different parts of cars, such as engine, cylinder, oil pressure component, fuel pipe, differential mechanism, water tank, fuel tank, gear box, transportation and air conditioning systems. Our product can cut down the repair cost, and the damage caused by repetitive assembly and disassembly is also avoided. On the other hand, this videoscope is also able to inspect burr, deep hole, blind hole, cross hole and sand inclusion inside the casting components, so it is suitable for manufacturers specialized in casting pipe, pump body, valve body, automobile components, hydraulic parts, and machinery parts, etc. Our product is suitable for many fields including customs, archaeology, construction, automobile industry, petrochemical engineering, electronic product, electrical industry, gas boiler, steel processing, and public security.

Technical Parameters

Outer Diameter Forward View Φ2.8mm Φ3.9mm Φ6mm
Forward View / Side View - Φ4.0mm -
Camera Pixel Count 160,000 pixels 300,000 pixels
Lightness Normal / dark
White Balance Auto / manual
Optical System Field of View 50° 90° 50° 90° 50° 80°
Depth of View 50mm~∞ 8mm~150mm 50mm~∞ 8mm~150mm 50mm~∞ 10mm~100mm
View Direction Forward Forward Forward / side Forward / side Forward Forward
Articulation Angle 2-way, up / down ≥120° 4-way, up / down / left / right ≥120°
Length of Distal End ≤8mm ≤8mm ≤8/11mm ≤8/11mm ≤16mm ≤16mm
Insertion Tube Polyurethane Polyurethane / tungsten mesh
Working Length 1000mm 1200mm
Monitor 3.5-inch high resolution color LCD
Control Brightness adjusting and image processing Tip bending, brightness adjusting, and image processing
Power Supply DC (battery) Lithium battery: working time ≥1.5 hours
Charging time: 8~10 hours
Illumination High-power LED with fiber light guide
Max. Visual Range ≥330mm ≥330mm ≥330mm ≥330mm ≥330mm
Memory Card 2G TF card (provided), max. 16G (optional)
Memory Capacity JPEG: 60KB. 1G TF card is able to record video for 4 hours.
Video Output Composite

1. HV series industrial videoscope has ultra light weight, and the weight of the entire equipment is less than 0.7kg.
2. All the operations can be finished with just one hand, such as tip bending and image processing, etc.
3. Clear color images can be displayed by the 3.5-inch high resolution LCD.
4. This product has only 5 buttons, and the operation is simple and convenient.
5. DC power supply is achieved by lithium battery which is easy to change.

Our company is a China-based industrial videoscopes manufacturer and supplier. We also provide 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, ultra small button spy camera, endoscope air water channel, disposable biopsy forceps, and more.

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