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Product samples for Shanghai Yanshun Scope Parts & Accessories Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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Endoscopic Coil Pipe

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Endoscopic Coil Pipe

As a China-based endoscopic coil pipe manufacturer and supplier, Yanshun Endoscopes provides a broad range of products, including universal light guide tube, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, wireless infrared night vision videoscopes and more.


Endoscopic Coil Pipe
Part No.ODIDWire Shape
CPF0450.45mm +0.01/-0.01≥0.25mmFlat wire
CPF0600.6 mm -0.02≥0.35mm
CPF0700.7 mm +0.03/-0.03≥0.4mm
CPF0900.9 mm -0.02≥0.5mm
CPF1001.0 mm +0.01/-0.02≥0.6mm
CPF1151.15 mm +0.02/-0.02≥0.6mm
CPF1251.25mm +0.01/-0.02≥0.7mm
CPF1401.4 mm +0.05≥0.8mm
CPF1601.60 mm +0.03≥0.9mm
CPF1651.65 mm +0.02≥1.0mm
CPF1851.85 mm +0.02/-0.03≥1.0mm
CPF1901.9 mm +0.03≥1.2mm
CPF1951.95 mm +0.03≥1.3mm
CPF2202.2 mm +0.03≥1.2mm
CPF24142.4 mm +0.02/-0.03≥1.4mm
CPF24202.4 mm +0.03≥2.0mm
CPF2602.6 mm +0.02≥2.2mm
CPR1201.2 mm +0.03≥0.6mmRound wire
CPR1251.25 mm +0.03≥0.64mm
CPR1501.5 mm +0.03≥0.7mm
CPR1551.55 mm +0.03≥0.75mm
CPR2002.0 mm + 0.03/-0.01≥1.0mm

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