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Control Handle & Light Glass Connector

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Control Handle & Light Glass Connector


Control Handle and Light Glass Connector Assembly for Water-proof Videoscope
Part No.Remark
H-G098For 9.8mm gastroscope
H-C129For 12.9mm colonoscope
H-G098SFor 9.8mm gastroscope with switch
H-C129SFor 12.9mm colonoscope with switch
Part List of Complete Set
1XGE100-03-00Control Body Assembled1
2XGE100-05-00LG Connector Assembled1
3XGE100-03-2Fix Ring (1)1
4XGE100-03-7Inlet Adapter for Biopsy Channel1
5XGE100-03-09Rubber Cap for Forceps Inlet1
6XGE100-03-10Fix Ring (2)1
7XGE100-03-11Locking Pin (1)1
8XGE100-03-24-0One-way Valve1
9XGE100-03-31-43Guide Fence4
11XGE100-03-31-58Block (right)1
12XGE100-03-31-59Setting Stopper2
13XGE100-03-31-61Wire Guide Sleeve4
14XGE100-03-31-64Locking Pin (2)4
15XGE100-03-31-65Block (left)1
16XGE100-03-31-66Weld Sleeve4
17XGE100-03-31-67Setting Block4
19XGE100-05-36-1Fitting to LG Connector1
20XGE100-05-36-4Connector between LG Tube and Control Body1
21XGE100-05-47Fix Ring (3)1
22XGE100-05-48Conical Sleeve with Connector1
23Leaking Tester1
24O ring for Air/water Button10
1. Spare mechanical parts can be separately ordered from kit.
2. If needed, a switch head can be mounted on top of the control body without extra charge.
3. Two boot cones can be provided, one for 9.8mm insertion tube, and the other for 12.9mm insertion tube. Either of them can be chosen.

Yanshun Endoscopes is an experienced control handle & light glass connector manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as endoscope coil pipe assemblies, ultra small button spy camera, and 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes.

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