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Industrial Videoscopes

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Industrial videoscope is a universal device suitable for different fields, and it can detect the places that hard to be seen, such as deep position of bend pipe. Also, it can be used to observe the structure and condition of inner space of sealed cavity, and remote observation and operation are achieved. Depending on the unique advantage, our product extends people's visual range, and the viewing direction can be changed freely to get the true information of the inner surface of the detected object. Thus our product can't be replaced by other testing equipment.

Generally speaking, the industrial videoscope consists of insertion tube system and back-end image display system. The insertion tube system includes camera system, lighting fiber, main tube, metal mesh, bending section and other electronic and structural components. On the other hand, the image display system contains bending controller, power supply, image processing device, functional software module, display screen and drive system, etc.

Our industrial videoscopes are equipped with a high luminance lighting source, LED 5600K, and this source supplies white light. Based on this source and other lighting conditions with different color temperatures, over 100 register parameters of the chip in high sensitive camera are adjustable including manual WB/AWB, AEC, AGC, color matrix, Gamma and black level correction. When it comes to the structural parts, we introduce high intensity metal pipe fitting and nano level tungsten wire material from Belgium and Japan. We have nearly ten years of experience in manufacturing insertion tube, and the high intensity and durability are guaranteed.

Our industrial videoscope has portable battery which facilitates the work under severe conditions, such as narrow space, altitudinal place and field operation. It can inspect corrosion, rust, flaw and foreign object in the component, and it can also check the butt welding quality. Meanwhile, the small volume, portability and mobility of this product can reduce work intensity and improve working efficiency. In addition, our product has passed relevant tests by East-China Measurement and Testing Service, such as IP68 waterproof and dustproof test as well as drop test. Based on the outstanding performance, our product is widely used in many industries including machinery manufacturing, vehicle repairing, pipe detecting, aircraft maintenance, power station, casting factory and petrochemical industry, etc.

Yanshun Endoscopes is a specialized industrial videoscopes manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer focus adjustable industrial videoscopes, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, police under door scope, and more. In addition, endoscope parts & accessories are also available.