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Police Under Door Scope

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Police Under Door Scope

Police under door scope can travel through the crack between door and frame, and the crack could be even less than 1/4 inch. Our product is able to move breadthwise, and the view of field is about 55° which allows the police to observe the whole room from ground side to top side. With the help of this product, police can check the activity inside the room, and barrier and trap mine set inside the room, etc. The whole optical system is suitable for both day and night, so this scope can be used under low illumination level, such as night or dark room. In addition, IR illuminator is equipped, and it can increase luminance inside the room without generating visible light. Meanwhile, the high light sensitivity camera system and high resolution low light level night vision screen are also employed to help the police see the room clearly at night. High sensitivity microphone is used to collect audio signals.

Technical Parameters

Outer Diameter Forward View ≤4mm ≤6mm
Camera Pixel Count 160,000 pixels 300,000 pixels
Lightness Dark / night infrared
Optical System Field of View Left: 50°
Right: 50°
Upward: 90° Left: 50°
Right: 50°
Upward: 90°
Depth of View 50mm~∞ 50mm~∞ 50mm~∞ 50mm~∞
Articulation Angle 3-way, up / left / right ≥120°
Insertion Tube Polyurethane / tungsten mesh
Working Length 1000mm 1500mm/2000mm/2500mm
Monitor 5-inch color LCD with high resolution and high brightness
Hand Type Stretch Video Observation Device Stretching Range: 40~1000mm
Control Motor-driven or manual tip bending, brightness adjusting, and image processing
Power Supply DC (battery) Lithium battery: working time ≥2.5 hours
Charging time: 8~10 hours
Illumination High-power infrared LED with fiber light guide
Memory Card 8G TF card (provided), max. 16G (optional)
Memory Capacity JPEG: 60KB. 1G TF card is able to record audio video for 4 hours.
Audio Output Mono and earphone
Video Output Composite

This police under door scope is widely applied for solving crimes. For example, when the policemen need to get into the room to arrest criminals, they can use our product and know well about what is happening inside the room without breaking in. Thus, the potential danger is avoided, and the policemen are well protected.

Our company is a China-based police under door scope manufacturer and supplier. We offer a vast array of products, including wireless infrared night vision videoscopes, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, light glass lens / LG lens, and more.

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