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Wireless Infrared Night Vision Videoscopes

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Wireless Infrared Night Vision Videoscopes

Wireless infrared night vision videoscope is able to clearly detect objects within 10 meters when there is no visible light existing, such as dark night, and our product won't generate any visible light. The built-in wireless transmitting module can transfer signal for as long as 100 meters in the clear outdoor field, and multi terminals can receive and show the real-time signal simultaneously. This videoscopes improve the night vision function of the camera chip, and optimize the infrared transmission of the lighting optical fiber, so they can work under dark conditions. This product is developed by us independently, and it is applicable in many fields, such as customs, archaeology, army and public security department, etc.

Technical Parameters

Outer Diameter Forward View Φ6mm Φ8mm
Camera Pixel Count 160,000 pixels 300,000 pixels
Lightness Normal / dark infrared
White Balance Auto / Manual
Optical System Field of View 50° 90° 50° 90°
Depth of View 50mm~∞ 8mm~150mm 50mm~∞ 8mm~150mm
View Direction forward forward forward / side forward / side
Articulation Angle up/down, left/right ≥120°
Working Length ≥1000mm
Monitor 3.5"/5" high resolution color LCD
Control Brightness adjusting and image processing Tip bending, brightness adjusting, and image processing
Power Supply DC (battery) Lithium battery: working time ≥1.5 hours
Charging time: 8~10 hours
Illumination High-power white light/infrared LED with fiber light guide
Infrared Night Vision Range 500mm~10000mm
Memory Card 2G TF card (provided), max. 16G (optional)
Memory Volume JPEG: 60KB. 1G TF card is able to record video for 4 hours.
Video Output Composite

Yanshun Endoscopes is a professional wireless infrared night vision videoscopes manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including ultra small button spy camera, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, disposable biopsy forceps, and more.

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