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1.8mm Ultra Thin Videoscopes

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1.8mm Ultra Thin Videoscopes

1.8mm ultra thin videoscope probably has the smallest outer diameter among similar products in the world. It adopts preposed ultramicro camera chip, and high brightness optical fiber is used for illumination. The diameter of the inserting end of the camera is only 1.8mm, and both the image quality and ruggedness are guaranteed. The back end uses USB interface to communicate with computer, and many image parameters can be set on the computer including brightness, white balance and 3-channel RGB amplify. So, user can get detailed information in narrow space.

Technical Parameters

Outer Diameter Forward View Φ1.8mm
Camera Pixel Count 62500 pixels
Optical System Field of View 110°
Depth of View 1mm~50mm
View Direction Forward
Insertion Tube Polyurethane
Working Length 600mm
Connection USB 2.0 for connecting computer
Power Supply DC (battery) 8.4V
Illumination High-power LED with fiber light guide

This videoscope is suitable for the research and production in aerospace industry and rocket engine. It can be used for the periodical inspections of plane components, such as turbine, engine, vane, airframe, conduit surface, surface of welded seam and interior of combustion chamber. Meanwhile, it can get detailed information inside engine without disassembling it, so our product is necessary for the maintenance of plane. It is usually called borescope, and works as one of the five devices for daily maintenance and detection of plane. Our videoscope plays an important role in ensuring safety and benefit. It allows easy and accurate operation, and can find damages inside the engine, which means that any potential danger can be eliminated in time to prevent accidents. Meanwhile, this equipment can finish the detection work without disassembling the engine, thus the freight, disassembling charge, and other loss caused by the outage of plane are all avoided.

Our videoscopes are also suitable for many other fields, such as customs, public security, steel processing, electronic product, electrical industry, aviation and aerospace, industrial machinery and others.

We are a specialized 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as 1080P high definition videoscopes, police under door scope, wireless infrared night vision videoscopes, and endoscopic injector.

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