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Gun Barrel Borescope

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Gun Barrel Borescope

Gun barrel borescope is used to detect the subtle crack of suspicious package, and inner side of gun barrels with different diameters. Our product can check the defects existed on the inner surface of gun barrel easily, such as flaw, ablation, and rifling damage, etc. The stainless steel straight pipe of this borescope is resistant to water, dust and corrosion, and its diameter ranges from 1.85mm to 8mm. Meanwhile, the view of field range is 0℃ -90℃ which can meet different working conditions. In addition, the adaptor for back end digital camera is optional, and it can record HD images.

Technical Parameters

Outer Diameter Forward View Φ1.85mm Φ2.40mm Φ2.80mm Φ4.20mm Φ6.35mm
Forward View / Side View Φ2.13mm Φ2.77mm Φ3.80mm Φ4.80mm Φ8.00mm
Optical System Field of View 50°
Side view: 90°
View Direction Forward / side
Tip Length ≥180mm
Digital Camera Adaptor
Pixel ≥300,000 ≥3,000,000
Monitor 3.5-inch high resolution color LCD
Power Supply DC (battery) Lithium battery: working time ≥4 hours
Charging time: 8~10 hours
Memory Card 2G TF card (provided), max. 16G (optional)
Memory Capacity JPEG: 60KB. 1G TF card is able to record video for 4 hours.
Video Output Composite

As a specialized gun barrel borescope manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide ultra small button spy camera, 1.8mm ultra thin videoscopes, universal light guide tube, and industrial videoscopes, among others.

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