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Autoclavable Grasping Forceps

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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Autoclavable Grasping Forceps


Autoclavable Grasping Forceps
Part No. Model Jaws Type Jaws Diameter Working Length With Teflon Tube Inside
GFS24165 FG–10K Scissors 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFS18105 FG–11C Scissors 1.8 mm 1050mm No
GFB24165 FG–20K Basket 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFB18105 FG–21C Basket 1.8 mm 1050mm No
GFF24165 FG–30K Forked jaws 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFF18105 FG–31C Forked jaws 1.8 mm 1050mm No
GFN24165 FG–40K Four nail graspers 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFN18105 FG–41C Four nail graspers 1.8 mm 1050mm No
GFA24165 FG–7K Alligator jaws 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFA24210 FG–8Q Alligator jaws 2.4 mm 2100mm Yes
GFP24165 FG–5K Pelican jaws 2.4 mm 1650mm Yes
GFP24210 FG–6Q Pelican jaws 2.4mm 2100mm Yes

As a professional autoclavable grasping forceps manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide insertion tube for colonoscope, 1080P high definition videoscopes, industrial videoscopes, ultra small button spy camera, and much more.