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Biopsy Forceps

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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Biopsy Forceps


Biopsy Forceps (autoclavable)
Part No.ModelJaws TypeJaws DiameterWorking LengthWith Teflon Tube Inside
BFR24210FB–3QRound cups fenestrated2.4 mm2100mmYes
BFR24165FB–3K2.4 mm1650mm
BFO24210FB–2QOval cups fenestrated2.4 mm2100mm
BFO24165FB–1K2.4 mm1650mm
BFO18210FB–1Q1.8 mm2100mm
BFO18165FB–2K1.8 mm1650mm
BFO18105FB–3C1.8 mm1050mm
BFO18080FB–4B1.8 mm800mm
BFO18065FB–5SW1.8 mm650mm
BFO24210SFB–2Q-1Fenestrated oval cups with spike2.4 mm2100mm
BFO24165SFB–1K-12.4 mm1650mm

We are an experienced biopsy forceps manufacturer in China. We offer a variety of products, including objective lens for CCD camera, endoscopic Y-pipe, police under door scope, industrial videoscopes, and much more.