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Product samples for Shanghai Yanshun Scope Parts & Accessories Co., Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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We can supply sample, and the customer needs to pay for the sample while we will afford the freight. The delivery date depends on the quantity of order, and it usually ranges from 4 weeks to 16 weeks. On the other hand, special services are provided according to the specific component. For example, the length of insertion part varies from 1m to 4m, polyurethane or tungsten mesh is optional, the monitor has 3.5-inch type and 5-inch type, and the memory card capacity range is 2G~16G. In addition, OEM is also available. For the expendable parts, please refer to the following contents.

After-sales Repair
1. The warranty period is 12 months since the product leaves our company. If something is wrong with our product and the customer uses it in the correct way, we will repair or change defective component for free, and then send it back to the customer without charge.
2. If the returned product is proved to be faultless after detection, customer needs to afford the round-trip expressage.
3. The product within warranty period will be treated as out-of-warranty product if any of the following occurs.
a. Problems caused by the use of other brand power, data cable, battery and others without our permission.
b. Customer disassembles our product without authorization, no matter it is an accident or man made.
c. Products without our identification or serial number.
d. Damage caused by the transient voltage or current generated by the self-linked circuit.
e. Failure caused by rework, testing, improving and other operations according to the customer's requirements.
f. Breakdown generated by the customer's transportation, loading and unloading actions.
g. Damage caused by irresistible natural forces, such as lightning stroke, earthquake, flood and fire, etc.

Out-of-warranty Repair
1. When the product is out of the warranty period, or it is damaged due to improper usage, it is called out-of-warranty product, and we will charge for the material and working time based on the specific condition.
2. When the quotation for repairing out-of-warranty product is made, and the customer cancels the repair, we won't charge the detection cost. But, the expressage for sending the product back should be paid by the customer.
3. If the out-of-warranty product can't be repaired after detection, our customer service department will inform the user, and the product will be sent back or destroyed in our factory according to the user's suggestion.